Iara Bettin Foster


I am a visiting scholar from the Federal University of Pelotas-Brazil. I was born and raised in Canguçu, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and I am currently a student at the Veterinary Medicine College at UFPel. My main interest is in bovine reproduction. For two years, I was a member of a study group in my university about animal reproduction, and this was what led me here. Under Dr. Cardoso’s supervision, I am working at the Dairy Focus Laboratory, which will complement my academic education by allowing me to learn more about dairy cows’ nutrition and reproduction.

This work is equivalent to an internship that is part of my training as a veterinarian, which means that by the end of my time here, I will be able to get my bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine. I intend to keep studying bovine reproduction in a master’s program next year and I believe this time at the Dairy Focus Laboratory will be a very important part of my education.

Email iarab@nospam666b2a810b322.illinois.edu