Saige Sulzberger


[Archived bio.]

I grew up in Muscatine, Iowa, where I had very little contact with large animals. It wasn’t until I went to college at Iowa State University that I gained some hands on animal experience with beef, sheep, pigs, and poultry. Growing up, I knew I wanted to work with animals so I chose to get my degree in Animal Science as a path to veterinary school, but I didn’t stop there. I also achieved a BA in Spanish. Throughout college I have enjoyed the Spanish language and loved being part of and living in the different cultures of Peru, Spain, Argentina, and Uruguay.

As an undergraduate, my first experience with dairy cattle happened during late in my third year. I worked for a veterinarian conducting vaccine trials for mastitis. I gained a lot of hands on experience with cows and even had the opportunity to work in the lab. As a senior on the wait list for vet school, I remembered how much I loved working with cows and decided to apply to the masters program under the advisement of Dr. Cardoso.

I am vey excited to go through the program as I do research, get a masters degree, and learn about the operational management style at the dairy farm.