2019 publications from the Dairy Focus Lab

The Dairy Focus Lab is pleased to announce that we have had nine papers published in peer-reviewed journals in 2019. We look forward to a great year in 2020!

2019 publications

Coleman, D.N., M.V. Riboni, A.A. Elolimy, F.C. Cardoso, S.L. Rodriguez-Zas, M. Miura, Y-Xiang Pan, and J.J. Loor (2019). Hepatic betaine-homocysteine methyltransferase and methionine synthase and intermediates of the methionine cycle are altered by choline supply during negative energy balance in Holstein cows. Journal of Dairy Science. 102:8305-8318.

Dhoblea, A.S., K.T. Ryan, P. Lahiria, M. Chenc, X. Panga, F.C. Cardoso, and K.D. Bhalerao (2019). Cytometric fingerprinting and machine learning (CFML): A novel label-free, objective method for routine mastitis screening. Comp. and Elect. in Agric. 162:505-513.

Lima, F.S., D.A. Acosta, T.R. Egan, C.S. Skenandore, S. Sulzberger, D.D. French, and F.C. Cardoso (2019). Characterization of steroidogenic, metabolic, and immunological markers in dairy cows diagnosed with cystic ovarian disease at early and mid-late lactation. Frontiers Veterinary Sci. 6:1-12.

Hollis, M.E., R.T. Pate, S. Sulzberger, A. Pineda, Y. Khidoyatov, M.R. Murphy, and F.C. Cardoso (2019). Improvements of in situ degradability of grass hay, wet brewer’s grains, and soybean meal with addition of clay in the diet of Holstein cows. Animal Feed Science Technology. In-print.

Hollis, M.E., R.T. Pate, S. Mideros, G.M. Fellows, M. Akins, M.R. Murphy, and F.C. Cardoso (2019). Foliar fungicide application effects on whole plant BMR and floury corn varieties, and whole plant corn silage composition. Animal Feed Science Technology. In-print.

Ryan, K.T., A.R. Guadagnin, K.M.Glosson, S.S. Bascom, A.A. Rowson, A.J. Steelman, and F.C. Cardoso (2019). Increased dietary calcium inclusion in fully acidified prepartum diets improved postpartum uterine health and fertility when fed to Holstein cows. Theriogenology. In-print.

Pate, R.T., D. Luchini, M.R. Murphy, and F.C. Cardoso (2019). Rumen protected methionine and its effects on lactation performance and physiological parameters during a heat stress challenge in lactating Holstein cows. Journal of Dairy Science. In-print.

Cardoso, F.C. (2019). Review: Applying fungicide on corn plants to improve the composition of corn silage for dairy cows’ diets. Applied Animal Sciences. In-print.

Cardoso, F.C., K.F. Kalscheur, and J.K. Drackley (2019). Review: Nutrition strategies for improved health, production, and fertility during the transition period. Journal of Dairy Science. In-print.