Laura Catalina Ayala


I am Laura Catalina Ayala, a passionate animal scientist from Sogamoso, Boyacá, Colombia. Growing up surrounded by my family’s dedication to livestock and agriculture, I developed a deep appreciation for the land and a love for agriculture. I graduated from the National University of Colombia with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences, specializing in cattle production. As a member of the Bovine Study Group, I explored production techniques in my country, driven by a commitment to research technologies applicable to small farms.

Seeking knowledge, I learned about high quality and economically competitive dairy production models during a 2-year internship through the Ohio Program-OSU on farms in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan. This experience gave me a new perspective on milking systems by working closely with managers, animals, and living the realities of the field.

Now, as I begin my Master’s degree in the Dairy Focus Lab at the University of Illinois, I offer my work with humility, a commitment to integral solutions, and an enthusiasm to contribute to the goals of the group. I’m eager to continue researching and deepening my understanding of the creatures I’m fascinated by – cows.