ANSC 100 – Intro to Animal Sciences

Survey of beef and dairy cattle, companion animals, horses, poultry, sheep, and swine. Includes the importance of product technology and the basic principles of nutrition, genetics, physiology, and behavior as they apply to breeding, selection, feeding, and management. Lecture and lab.
Credit: 4 hours.

ANSC 201 – Principles of Dairy Production

Surveys the dairy industry; examines principles of breeding, selection, reproduction, feeding, milking and management of dairy cattle. Prerequisite: ANSC 100.
Credit: 3 hours.

ANSC 400 – Dairy Herd Management

The technology of modern milk production practices; application of principles in nutrition, physiology, economics, health and hygiene, waste management, and facilities design for efficient dairy herd management systems. Prerequisite: ANSC 201 or consent of instructor.
Credit: 3 hours.

ANSC 420 – Ruminant Nutrition

Physiology and microbiology of digestion in the ruminant, and biochemical pathways of utilization of the absorbed nutrients for productive purposes. Prerequisite: ANSC 223 or equivalent.
Credit: 3 hours.

ANSC 471 – Leaders & Entrepreneurs

ANSC 471 is designed to familiarize students with the tools and skills necessary for successful business operation in industry and entrepreneurial environments (including food animal production farms). Its overall aim is to explore how enhanced interpersonal and leadership skills may facilitate positive relations in business. Students will design a business plan – an entrepreneurial enterprise – that will be read by an external committee (professors, community members, business owners) and evaluated for its viability and creativity. This course is relevant for leaders as well as future entrepreneurs interested in acquiring a valuable skill set that may be applied to many careers. This course will include at least one trip to the UIUC Dairy Cattle Research Unit to allow students to observe management tools used by the facility. Offered in alternate years.
Credit: 3 hours.

ANSC 522 – Advanced Ruminant Nutrition

Physiological and microbiological aspects of ruminant digestion and their influence on the metabolism of the extraruminal tissues; interpretation of nutritive requirements in terms of rumen microbial activities; and evaluation of research techniques. Prerequisite: ANSC 420 or equivalent, and ANSC 350, MCB 450, or equivalent. Offered in alternate years.
Credit: 3 hours.