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Volume 10, Number 2: Lessons learned from the 2024 IL Dairy Summit [HTML] [PDF]



Volume 10, Number 1: Preventing ketosis [HTML] [PDF]


Volume 9, Number 1: Measuring urine pH as an indicator of calcium balance [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 9, Number 2: Effect of feeding rumen protected AAs on muscle and adipose tissue [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 9, Number 3: Lessons learned from the 2023 Illinois Dairy Technology Tour [HTML] [PDF]


Volume 8, Number 1: Wheat straw in dry cow diets: A Dairy Tech Tour experience [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 8, Number 2: Alternative forages for the dry cow diet [HTML] [PDF]


Volume 7, Number 1: Lessons learned from the 2021 Illinois Dairy Summit [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 7, Number 2: Can nutrition help to alleviate heat stress in dairy cows? [HTML] [PDF]


Volume 6, Number 1: Ready, set, go! Points to consider when feeding rumen-protected amino acids and clay to dairy cows [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 6, Number 2: Five strategies to limit production in your dairy farm during COVID-19 [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 6, Number 3: Calculating the costs of disease on farm with special regards to mastitis [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 6, Number 4: Starch and amino acids; back to the basics and their connection [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 6, Number 5: Feeding rumen-protected amino acids during the transition period — insights on the economics [HTML] [PDF]


Volume 5, Number 1: Infrared thermography as a tool in disease screening and detection [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 5, Number 2: Aflatoxin contamination in dairy cows: Beyond dumping milk [HTML] [PDF]


Volume 4, Number 1: Are you correctly defining physically effective fiber (peNDF) in your cow’s diet? [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 4, Number 2: 10 steps for a successful transition period: Part 1 [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 4, Number 3: 10 steps for a successful transition period: Part 2 [HTML] [PDF]


Volume 3, Number 1: A simple technique to detect metritis [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 3, Number 2: Milk quality and antibiotic residue avoidance [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 3, Number 3: Summer is around the corner—make sure your cows don’t get stressed [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 3, Number 4: Improve milk quality and economic gain with the Dairy Focus Team’s Somatic Cell Count Calculator [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 3, Number 5: Food Security Evaluation in Illinois Dairy Farms: A Dairy Focus Team Approach [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 3, Number 6: 2015-2016 Department of Animal Sciences Dairy Program Newsletter [HTML] [PDF]


Volume 2, Number 1: Focus on Forages — 2015 [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 2, Number 2: Feeding Strategies With Lower Milk Prices [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 2, Number 3: Bedding Quality is Associated with Milk Quality in IL Dairy Farms [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 2, Number 4: Are your cows drinking enough water? [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 2, Number 5: Nutritional management before calving can improve fertility in dairy cows [HTML] [PDF]


Volume 1, Number 1: Corn Silage: Foliar disease, the silent killer? [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 1, Number 2: Get ready… go! It’s corn silage time. [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 1, Number 3: Reaching reproductive targets for improved profitability [HTML] [PDF]

Volume 1, Number 4: Feeding for calf growth, even in the winter [HTML] [PDF]